Project Oversight, Design Management, Construction Management & More

Project Oversight…..
CYMCOR can provide limited Project Oversight for your project on an hourly “as-needed” basis. A few examples of this type of service are as follows:

  • Construction Budgeting / Pricing Review
  • Real Estate Transaction Oversight
  • General Project Consulting
  • Preliminary Project Programming
  • Site Selection / Feasibility
  • Application for Payment Review
  • Schedule Review
  • Quality Review
  • Issue Resolution

Design Management
CYMCOR can provide competitive evaluation and procurement of your design & engineering teams. We can identify the team with the right qualifications and experience for your project. After selection, we can manage all aspects of the design phase of your project to avoid negative impacts to your schedule or budget.

Construction Management
CYMCOR can provide competitive evaluation and procurement of your construction team in either a negotiated format or a competitive bidding format. After award, we can manage all aspects of the construction phase of your project but will focus our efforts on the three critical project components of quality, schedule and budget.

Program Management
CYMCOR can provide comprehensive project management of your entire building program whether it includes a single building, a large corporate campus or a multiple-building program. The best results will always be achieved with our early involvement when the project is being conceived.

Troubled Project Recovery Management
If for whatever reason your project is in trouble, CYMCOR can work with you to develop a recovery plan for getting it back on track. Although this is not a good position for anyone to be in, we have extensive experience in rescuing troubled projects from sure failure. We have also provided litigation support and expert witness services in support of those projects.